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Quotes From (Real) Readers

"Prem's guide provides a refreshing and long needed new approach to pickleball skill ratings.  The best part is people will now have more than just a number.  They will have great suggestions as to how they can improve their game.  Keep up the good work!"

--Jerry Phillips
2015 Humboldt Bay Pickleball- President

"Thanks Prem.  This is an excellent guide and I plan on using this to help me take my game to the next level."  -- Karen P.


More Quotes From Readers...

"Thanks for the rating outline, based on my experience it seems to be right on." -- Steve W.

"I really like the ratings flow chart and the suggestions to move to the next level are spot on." -- Marilyn T.

"Thank you for the rating guide.  Very helpful to our group." -- Rick D.

"Thanks so much! That is a terrific guide."
-- Sharon V.