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"I am 60 years young and disabled, from a spinal cord surgery. I picked up pickleball, about a year and half ago, thinking this might help me get back. I can do some shots well, but can not move, so I get caught in wrong position. I was taught well by a local ambassador, and very proud of what he has done for my game. I have read and listen to Prem’s book so I took his 2 day clinic. ... What Prem showed me, were the little things that I was not seeing or believing I could do. Am I fixed after 2 days? Heck no, but what I got was be smarter than the guy that over hits his serve, or tries that put away shot off a good dink, into net. So want to thank you, Prem, for what you showed me in a very short time... You "sharpened my saw"... What I mean is I was the guy who was in such a hurry he never sharpened his saw to cut down the trees, so it took forever to cut down that tree and it still was not happening. Now my saw is sharpened, and with hard work, I will be able to play a better game, thank you again!"
Michael Wathen | Kansas City Clinic,
"My wife I were very excited about taking your seminar. We had recently watched your webinar and learned some really good pointers and we hoped that doing your clinic would elevate our games. We loved it! You really brought up some things we never would have thought about on our own. We are putting our new knowledge to the test every game. Cant wait to get more playing time. We would tell anyone considering doing your clinic DO IT ! Thanks so much.
Joe Gross | Pokemoke, MD