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Do You Want to Improve Your Pickleball Performance, Win More Games or Just Have More Fun?

Get Expert Pickleball Lessons & Coaching Prem Carnot giving a pickleball lesson

Some pickleball coaches think their way is the “right” way, and the ONLY way.

In their pickleball lessons, they teach the same thing to everyone, and tell you why everyone ELSE is wrong.  The problem is, it gets confusing.  Two excellent coaches will give you different advice.

So Who’s Right? YOU ARE!!

When it comes to pickleball lessons, one size DOESN’T fit all.

YOU know what your body can and can’t do.  You know what feels comfortable and natural to you.

I’ll help you refine YOUR game so you can play YOUR best.

Thank you for the class. You’re a good teacher–you gave me some useful tips and pointed out some errors that I was unaware of. It was an enjoyable and valuable experience.
–Harry, age 81

“I enjoyed my lesson with Prem and felt it was an excellent use of my time and money. I’m a beginner so I have a lot to learn. Prem was patient, did a good job of explaining and critiquing my skills, and gave me techniques to practice. I definitely learned things during the lesson and I recommend his classes.”

–ML, San Diego, CA

I am a French  Table Tennis Champion, and have been playing pickleball for nearly 4 years (sometimes as much as 35 hours/week).  I’ve traveled the country and played with the best pickleball players around. Whatever your age, you can learn to play smarter and better with less effort, and I can help show you how.

“…I very highly recommend Prem to teach/coach anyone when it comes to Pickleball…He has a great understanding of the game and a simple tip or two can make one’s game a whole lot better. He has given me some very good suggestions here and there over the years….Some of the things that make Prem such a great coach/teaching pro are his smile, warmth, approachability, passion for the sport, and his earnest desire to see you improve.”
–Billy Jacobsen, 2011 National Champion Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles

photo of Prem CarnotThanks to today’s technology I can help you improve your game no matter where you live.

You can also attend one of my clinics or print a flyer and organize a group. I’ll come teach a clinic at your location.

“Ten months ago I entered a 4.0 tournament and didn’t win. This past month I won two gold medals in the 4.5 division and I attribute it all to Prem. Most recently, we created some upsets amongst the top players when we played together in a tournament. I highly recommend his coaching to anyone that wants to improve their game.”
– Ron Chang, Irvine CA
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Pricing: Prices are for approx. 1-1/2 hours

Individual/Pair Lesson        $100
Foursome Lesson              $40/person
Large-Group Clinics           Inquire for Details

1 & 1/2 Hour Private Lessons

Prem with the Participants of the Grass Valley Pickleball Clinic.

To Schedule a Clinic at Your Local
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“Hi Prem,Your pickleball clinic today helped me identify some of the specific areas that I need improvement. Most pickleball clinics teach the basics of pickleball. You gave me specific solutions to correct and improve my particular game. I think that players at all levels could benefit from your method of teaching.Thank You.”
– Jim Schiller, Carlsbad, CA