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Avoiding Pickleball Injuries: My Top 3 Tips

In a mad rush toward the ball, your partner crashes into the kitchen, collides with the net, and ends up with their back on the ground, groaning…Under the best of circumstances, they had a safe fall and managed to get off with only a scraped knee.  Under the worst of circumstances, YOU are the one […]

The First Commandment of the Third Shot (And It’s Not “Hit a Dropshot”)

First off, let’s just say that this is obviously NOT the only commandment to live your life by (unless Pickleball truly is your only religion).  But when it comes to pickleball, this is a biggie. In this article, I’m going to clear up a misconception about the “third shot” (a.k.a. the return of the return […]

Top 5 Shortcuts for Hosting a Kick-Butt Clinic

Whether you’re someone who dreams about taking a clinic from a professional pickleball instructor, but has never had the opportunity OR you’re a self-professed pickleball junkie who has taken advantage of any and every learning opportunity that’s hit your way, if you show up to a clinic, you’d probably like it to be a positive […]

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