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What You Win From Me Losing at Nationals

Unless you’ve been living in a bubble, or you haven’t yet reached the advanced stages of the pickleball addiction, you are probably aware that the 7th Annual National Pickleball Tournament will take place in Casa Grande, Arizona next week. My wife and I competed in the first national tournament. (If you’ve read my book, you […]

Get a Grip On Your Game…

In the survey I did a while back, a few people asked about proper grip techniques and positions. It can be a tricky subject because most people don’t realize that the way you hold the paddle at the beginning of the point is usually not how you’re holding it when you actually hit the ball.  […]

The Ball’s In Your Court… How Can I Help You?

This month, I’m changing things up a little.  Nope, you’re not going to get a new article today.  (But, wait, read on!!) You know how patience pays off in pickleball? (Or, rather, do you believe it would if you could manage to BE more patient?) 😉 Patience will pay off here, too.  You see… Some […]

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