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TOP 2 pickleball strategies for a strong defense after a bad shot

If you’ve been following my articles for some time now, you (hopefully) understand the importance of hitting a drop shot for the “critical third shot.”  I’ve written about WHY this shot is so important in this article getting up to the net. I’ve even written about HOW to hit a good drop shot. What I haven’t yet […]



Mind and Body: How to prepare for a pickleball tournament

When you play in a pickleball tournament, how often do you feel that you’re at the top of your game and fully prepared to take-on the competition? I’m not just talking from a pure skill level perspective. But are you also preparing your mind and body to take on the area’s best players? Just like in […]

The human brain

Pickleball Strategy: The Mental and Emotional Aspects of Pickleball

Learning tricks to help you conquer the “head-game” of pickleball When I’m on the road, I often get questions about the emotional side of pickleball. Prem, do you have any suggestions for how to get rid of the butterflies when I play in a tournament? “Prem, I get so close to winning, and then I […]