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The Closing of the Launch of The Drop Shot Masterclass

I am writing this post to let you know that I heard you! Whether you were THRILLED with the free training that my team and I put together for the launch of The Drop Shot Masterclass, or you were UPSET that we weren’t as clear as we could have been about the fourth video in […]

The Guru’s Fast & Furious “Top 100” Gratitude Drill

Without stopping, make a list of 100 people, situations, experiences and things you’re grateful for right now.  Okay, you can pause if you really need to for a minute between items, but the point is to just keep letting the ideas flow and ask your brain to think fast and think hard. Making this list […]

Segment 1: A Good Serve

Think about it. What would you answer? At a clinic, voices will usually call out one after another, “Fast.” “Hard.” “Lots of spin.” “Over the net.” (Always good.) “In the court.” (Also extremely important.) “Deep.” I’ll listen, inviting more and more answers until nobody’s got anything left to add. And then I’ll ask another question. “So, […]

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