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Smart Pickleball: The 5 Rules for Playing Smarter (Not Harder!)

I see sooo many players of all ages, who are working much harder than they NEED to be on the court, and aren’t getting nearly as good results as they COULD be. The key to getting great results in pickleball is not to get younger, stronger, faster but to play SMARTER.  Today’s video blog post […]

Top Pickleball Players: Why They Can Break The “Rules” & You Shouldn’t

Today we’re talking about why you’ll often see that what top pickleball players DO does not always match what I TEACH in my book, clinics and bootcamps. Prefer to listen? Click here or use the player below. This browser does not support HTML5 audio Prefer to Read?  I Gotcha Covered… If you watch many videos […]

The Closing of the Launch of The Drop Shot Masterclass

I am writing this post to let you know that I heard you! Whether you were THRILLED with the free training that my team and I put together for the launch of The Drop Shot Masterclass, or you were UPSET that we weren’t as clear as we could have been about the fourth video in […]

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