My Analysis Shows That YOU, Too, Can Use The Very Same Strategy The National Champ Used to Make His Highly-Skilled Opponent Look Like a Newbie


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3 Tips on taking your game to the next level

Whether you just started playing pickleball or you’ve been dinking for some time now, you’re probably trying to figure out what you need to do to take your game to the next level and improve your pickleball skills. You may think that playing against better players is the way to accomplish that goal. While that is one […]

Reports from the Field: Teaching new players in West Michigan

Beginner clinic in Ferrysburg, Michigan For the past year, a group of players in Michigan have taken it upon themselves to offer pickleball clinics to beginner players and “never-ever” players. The organizer, Kevin Curley, is a friend and student of mine – and he’s on the Pickleball Guru web strategy team. Kevin will be the first to […]


December Pickleball Challenge

Has the culture of pickleball changed with the rapid rise in popularity? It’s easy to complain about the venue you play everyday. and so on, and so on… When was the last time you stopped to consider the person – the individual – who took time out of their day (many days, probably) to FIND […]

Tips on how to run a smooth pickleball tournament

This post was written by Kevin Curley, the Pickleball Guru’s social media specialist. Even with the best technology aiding in running your pickleball tournament – like, making sure everything runs smoothly is about planning ahead and preparing for anything that may go wrong. Here are a few tips that I recommend considering when you’re planning […]



The Dink Shot: Part 2 – Why You Need the Dink

Why You Need the Dink Shot In my article, The Top 3 Reasons You MUST Play at The No-Volley Line I talk about how important it is to get up to the net and stay there. The dink shot is an essential element to being able to play at the no-volley line. You need to […]


The Dink Shot: Part 3 – How to Perfect the Dink

Pickleball Strategy from the Pickleball Guru Get Your Paddle Up, Out & In Front of Your Chest Before & After Every Shot This is true for every shot, of course, but especially when you are at the net, you need to be ready for a high fast shot, or a low soft shot, so keeping […]