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Meet Me on the Court in Madrid!

Experience The Pickleball Guru Academy Clinic as featured in my #1 Best Selling Book, Smart Pickleball: The Pickleball Guru’s Guide but the exciting city of Madrid. (Don’t worry, the clinic will still be in English!) Pickleball in the morning, watching Flamenco Dancing in the evening and a chance to discover (or re-descover) one of […]

How Pickleball Impacts Personal Relationships

How Pickleball Impacts MY Relationship As you may know, my wife, Wendy, and I learned to play the game at the same time, and we were both immediate fans of the sport.  We played together, traveled together, competed together and are now in the pickleball business together.  (Heck, we wrote the book on pickleball—together!) While […]

How to Teach to a Mixed Group: A FREE Training for People Who Teach Pickleball

I received nearly 50 thoughtful responses to last month’s ambassador survey.  Many thanks to everyone who responded or shared the survey. One of the most common answers I received was in regard to challenges ambassadors face trying to teach pickleball to players of multiple skill levels. As someone who has taught dozens of clinics and […]



My Top 5 Pickleball Strategies to Play Against Slammers

Maybe you’ve learned the value of the dink, or you’re beginning to consider it at least… If you’re like one woman who wrote to me this past month, maybe you have a group of people with whom you regularly play the dink game, and you’ve gotten pretty good at it… But then you go to […]